we revolutionize customer engagement through cutting-edge AI technology, ensuring immediate, 24/7 interaction across all communication channels. Founded by Rida Helwani and international partners, we tackle operational challenges and high costs, delivering seamless, personalized customer experiences. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to efficiency and excellence!


Choose RTZ.AI for unbeatable 24/7 customer engagement, cutting-edge AI solutions, and seamless, personalized experiences. We're the future of customer interaction. No waits, just results! .


Harness the power of cutting-edge AI to revolutionize your customer service. With advanced technology,our new technology ensures 24/7 support, personalized interactions, and seamless automation to drive your business forward


Our new technology integrates seamless code chat capabilities, enabling smooth communication between AI and users for efficient, personalized support and automated interactions.

Knowledge Base

Unlock your Knowledge Base to empower your team with AI-driven insights, streamlining customer interactions and driving smarter business decisions.

Visionary Insight

See your business thrive with our visionary approach, where AI insight and precision elevate customer interactions to new heights.

Advanced AI

Unlock the potential of smart coding with us, where innovative solutions and efficient automation come to life through seamless interaction and advanced AI


delivers seamless, 24/7 AI-driven customer engagement, personalized interactions, and efficient support.
Enhance your customer service with innovative, reliable solutions!

Rida Helwani


Visionary founder driving RTZ.AI towards innovative AI-powered customer engagement solutions.

Visionary Leadership

Rida's forward-thinking approach ensures our leader company remains at the forefront of AI innovation.

Vanity estro

Under Rida's leadership,our company provides around-the-clock support, ensuring customer satisfaction at all times

Excellence & Efficiency

Rida's dedication to excellence drives our AI model to deliver efficient and top-quality services.

Innovative Solutions

Rida champions cutting-edge solutions that enhance reliability and performance for all clients.

Mohamed Tamer.


Esteemed Marketing Professor and current CEO, leading RTZ.AI to new heights with his expertise and vision.

Expert Leadership

Mohamed's extensive marketing knowledge drives our company strategic growth and success.

Academic Excellence

As a professor, Mohamed infuses academic rigor and innovative thinking into our company operations.

Visionary CEO

Leading our company with a forward-thinking mindset, Mohamed ensures the company stays ahead in the AI industry.

Strategic Growth

Mohamed's strategic direction and expertise in marketing propel our company towards sustainable and impactful growth.


Unleash the power of automation and elevate your business. The future of customer interaction starts now!